Strategic Planning & Facilitation Case Studies

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Chambers & Associates works with organizations to ensure that they have the strategic mindset and capabilities required for sustainability and future organizational growth with Strategy Development and a host of Facilitation services. Below are some examples of the solutions and their applications.

Regional Cancer Care Strategic Plan – Facilitated Planning & Outcomes Retreat

Worked with over 50 stakeholders to define a new vision, mission and strategic direction for the optimal delivery of cancer care. Focus was placed on integrated care and maximizing patient experience and outcomes in the most cost-effective way possible.

Telecommunications -  Culture Integration Strategy

Worked with senior leadership team (EVP’s and VP’s) to develop culture integration strategy for organization after several mergers. Co-designed strategy session for VP offsite and designed and implemented culture initiatives with regional VP’s. Provided developmental and implementation for culture champions to embed new culture and leadership strategy.

Non Profit Child and Family Services Agency – Clinical Transformation Process

Provided strategic planning facilitation of a multi-committee meeting for an organizational wide Clinical Transformation Process. Enabled them to developed a shared view of organization’s current and future requirements and to remodel their infrastructure to support it. 

School Board – Student Success Strategy

Facilitated open space technology session for senior leadership team (91 leaders) to develop strategic and operational plans to address student success and learning initiatives across the board.

Provincial Ministry – Child Welfare Transformation Strategy

Provided strategic planning facilitation for 75 organizations to determine key priorities for region and allocation of funding across agencies.

Regional Municipal Government – Diversity and Inclusivity Strategy

Provided strategic planning facilitation to develop diversity and inclusivity strategic plans to address issues such as diversity, attracting newcomers and providing support to immigrants, English as second language opportunities etc.

Public Sector Union – IT Priority Selection

Provided facilitation and consultation support to the organization to establish a cross functional IT priorities committee and process to assist the organization in identifying priorities for IT. Included development of mandates, tools and measures; process and testing and decision making processes.


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