Client Result: Enabling A Service Delivery Transformation For A Leadership Communications Team In The Public Sector

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Chambers & Associates coaches a Communications Team in the Public Sector to improve leadership and cultural dynamics.

The History

The communications department was required to make an urgent change to their service delivery model to improve their achievement of organizational strategies. This team had been through tremendous changes in the last few years resulting in low morale and trust.

The team needed to define clear roles and responsibilities; develop better decision making processes, manage conflict effectively and improve their working relationships.

The Situation

Create a leadership assessment and program to engage leaders to successfully lead strategic planning and development alongside significant transformational change in their organization and industry. Outcomes expected:

  • Toxic communication styles including blaming, gossiping.
  • Morale issues due to lack of trust and conflict on team.
  • Due to lack of psychological safety, providing feedback was avoided.
  • Inability to deal with conflict constructively.
  • Lack of clarity and accountability around goals and roles/responsibilities.

The Approach

  • Program ran from 02/2011 – 04/2012
  • Team Diagnostic™ measured Productivity and Positivity Team Performance Indicators before and after program delivery.
  • A one day offsite was designed to introduce the team to the process of team coaching; share the assessment results; develop team norms; increase positivity amongst team members; create a future vision and develop an action plan.
  • 10 in person monthly team coaching sessions were held to address current business issues and to work on team performance indicators by revealing the team’s behaviour to itself.

The Results

  • Communication has greatly improved and poor performance is no longer tolerated.
  • Conflict has greatly decreased and team cohesion has increased.
  • It is a much more positive environment.
  • Trust and respect has improved for us and with our clients.


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