Executive & Leadership Coaching

Chambers & Associates works with executives and mid-to-senior level leaders to provide a customized coaching experience that builds the individual’s self-awareness and accelerates their development based on how best to be successful in their role and organization.

Investing in Leadership Capacity – Now and For the Future

Executive/ leadership coaching is a flexible, focused, strategically sound investment in maximizing the potential of individuals and organizations. Client-centred, aligned with specified goals and focused on measurable results, coaching can transform an individual’s style, help a team develop synergy and support leadership development in top performers. The more often coach and client meet, the greater the momentum and the more rapid the behaviour change and goal accomplishment.

Traditional leadership development approaches are not providing the support that senior leaders need to manage change and transformation within themselves, their teams and their organizations. Leadership coaching can enable them to develop a systems perspective of the business and become more agile and strategic. Furthermore, they are more likely to support organizational learning and the development of a coaching culture as a result of their own coaching experiences.

As a Leader, Do You Want To

  • Establish and take action towards achieving strategic goals?
  • Build more effective relationships and improve teamwork?
  • Increase job and life satisfaction?
  • Contribute more effectively to the team and the organization?
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments?
  • Work more easily and productively with others?
  • Communicate more effectively?

  • It is with great pleasure that I recommend Michelle for her skills and ability as a coach and mentor. I was fortunate enough to be paired with Michelle as my mentor since 2012 through the HRPA mentorship program. Not only is Michelle exceptionally knowledgeable, she is also approachable and easy to open up to no matter the discussion at hand. I have grown both professionally and personally thanks to her. Michelle helps you to become the best version of yourself.
    Alex Lee, MHRM, CHRL, Senior Human Resources Consultant at City of Toronto


Our Solutions

  1. Individualized coaching:
      • C-Suite
      • High Performers
      • High Potentials
      • Targeted Development
      • New Leaders
  2. Peer Group Coaching
  3. Team Coaching
  4. Coach Training for Leaders

Our Approach

We work with organizations to develop and sustain coaching strategies that support or shift their culture, which enables people to identify, actualize their personal goals, and achieve outstanding business results. To do this requires an intimate understanding of the business results and strategies an organization is focused on then building a unique strategy for applying coaching to get the results you are looking for.

Our process includes:

  • We hold discovery sessions to learn more about you as a leader within your organizational context and to select developmental goals.
  • We collect and analyze data to ensure we have as complete a picture as possible.
  • We triangulate the coach/client/organization relationships. We understand that our work with an individual is done in an organizational context and we contract on that basis.
  • We measure the effectiveness of our work, in terms relevant to the client and the organization.
  • We solicit feedback to ensure we learn and improve along with our clients.

Additional Qualifications

Our team members bring business experience as senior leaders and additional coaching training and certification through organizations such as Adler, Coaches Training Institute and Center for Right Relationship (ORSC). Many are also certified coaches through ICF.

Our team also has certifications in the following 360° feedback instruments:

  • Leadership Circle
  • DISC
  • Situational Leadership
  • Life Styles Inventory (LSI)
  • Leadership Impact
  • Emotional Intelligence 360°

Our Standards

We are members of the International Coach Federation and as such we adhere to the Code of Conduct and Statement of Professional Ethics of that organization.

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  • Michelle is a highly skilled team coach with great empathy and eye for what is going on and what is needed concerning the progress for team development. Michelle is both warm, playful and goal oriented and her presence supports the trust and the courage for each team member to explore, learn and move in the needed direction - together. I warmly recommend her to all teams who have great ambitions for their work together and the community they serve.
    Helene Aalling, Leadership Coach, Denmark

Results That Speak For Themselves

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