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Successful Collaboration for Cross-Functions Teams in the Workplace

Cross-functional teams have become a common feature of today’s increasingly diversified organizations. When designed well, these teams have the ability to accomplish organizational goals with increased efficiency, faster decision making and better resource allocation.

Are You Struggling to Maintain Balance While Working from Home?

Are You Struggling to Maintain Balance While Working from Home? Here are some practical tips and strategies to help you maintain perspective. We help coach others to thrive instead of just survive!

Building Support for Virtual & Geographically Dispersed Teams

Over the last couple of months, many teams and leaders have experienced working virtually, many for the first time.  Working with geographically dispersed teams can have challenges even without a pandemic to consider on top of that.  Over the next few months, some organizations will have employees returning to the workplace which might mean leaders supporting both co-located and virtual team members.

The Power of "Pause" and "Purpose"

What happened to the "pause" that everyone shared over two weeks ago?  Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed now trying to respond to the rapidly changing conditions around us?  It is true that in times of crisis, leaders must often make bold and quick decisions.  Employees are looking for support, guidance and direction.  However, are we pausing and making intentional, thoughtful decisions, or are we simply reacting to our environment and operating out of "flight or fight" mode? 

The Leader As Coach - Shifting Mindsets and Leadership Style

To cope with the new reality of constant and disruptive change, organizations are moving away from the traditional style of leadership (command and control) to one that is more collective and involves the manager providing more coaching and feedback. 

Team Effectiveness Solutions for a Future Ready World

The way you behave as a team is governed by a set of unwritten rules and behaviours which make up your team culture.

Creating Purpose-Driven Organizations

A shared purpose is not about economic exchanges.  It reflects something aspirational and shares how the people involved with an organization are making a difference, giving them a sense of meaning and drawing their support. 

Tips for Improving Virtual Team Effectiveness

Leading teams from a distance can be challenging and especially difficult to manage. Communication and collaboration are critical to any team’s success. 

A 'Systems Approach' to Organizational Effectiveness

Organizations thrive or fail based on their ability to effectively use people, processes and technology to develop the performance and capabilities of their organization and deliver value.

The Importance of Trust in Leadership

Trust is the cornerstone of effective relationships. The job of leaders is to extend trust first. But not everyone does that. Learn how important trust is in leadership.

Results That Speak For Themselves

We've been fortunate to work with organizations committed to individual, team and organization effectiveness. Read Results »