Team Coaching

Chambers and Associates work with their clients to create and maintain high performing teams and organizations.

What is Team Coaching?

The goal of team coaching is to enhance a leadership team’s capacity and capability in order to drive behaviour and culture change; to develop a collaborative working team that supports one another to achieve client objectives and is viewed and respected as a high performing team.

High performing teams possess collective leadership and accountability to achieve business objectives. They are aligned on a common purpose, work collaboratively together and effectively engage with their stakeholder groups.

  • Without knowing what the key drivers or essential and enabling elements for team successes are, or how and when to apply them, business leaders will continue to make costly mistakes in terms of time, money, effort and the achievement of organizational goals and outcomes.
    WABC Whitepaper, Nov. 2016


  1. When teams are being formed to accelerate growth.
  2. When a new leader is being introduced into a team.
  3. When teams are facing significant changes.
  4. When a team has a transformational strategy to achieve.
  5. Scores on employee engagement surveys are low.
  6. When teams are exhibiting the following symptoms:
    • Poor productivity (missing milestones)
    • Lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities
    • Poor decision making or communications
    • Unproductive conflict amongst team members
    • Lack of trust with each other and/or leader
    • Little or no innovation and poor feedback

Our Approach to Team Coaching

We offer customized team effectiveness programs to address your team’s unique situation and to create a plan for lasting business results.

Program features can be adjusted in scale and scope, but often include the following:

  • Team and Individual Assessments
  • Facilitated Discussions
  • Skills Development
  • Team, Pair or Individual Coaching
  • Tools and Support Materials
We also offer proprietary programs including:
  • Team Essentials™ - a one-day session for teams.
  • Teams Matter™ - an intensive process for senior leadership teams to create behaviour change in their performance.

  • The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Michelle is “professional competence.” The second thing that comes to mind is, “She has a great laugh.” Those two may sound like an incompatible combination but I assure you it’s what makes her such a successful trainer, team coach, and OD practitioner. In our work with teams we emphasize two crucial dimensions: Productivity and Positivity and Michelle is a living example of the powerful interrelationship of the two.
    Phillip Sandahl, MCC, CTPC, CPCC, ORSCC | CEO and Chief Coaching Officer, Team Coaching International, USA

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