Change Management

Chambers & Associates works with organizations to deal with volatile, unstable, complex and ambiguous changes in their environment by ensuring they have the critical change leadership and change management skills required of the 21st century.

Change Leadership & Management

One of the major reasons change initiatives fail (over 70%, according to the Kotter Institute) is because leaders do not effectively manage the people and cultural aspects of change. While skilled in many other areas, many business leaders are not equipped with the right organizational change management knowledge and skills. Most have never been properly taught – have you?

We work with you to quickly and sustainably accelerate a strategic goal or change, transforming your organization from the inside out. We help you establish new ways of thinking, new ways of collaborating, and new ways of developing and identifying leaders to successfully develop and execute change.

  • The rate of change is not going to slow down any time soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades.
    John P. Kotter, Professor of Leadership, Emeritus, Harvard Business School and New York Times best-selling author


Our Approach

We define the appropriate levers to enable change and build solutions focused on taking employees from awareness, through commitment, all the way to action.

We provide support for Change Management training to development and execution of enterprise-wide change strategies.

Our Solutions

Chambers & Associates can work with you and your organization to effectively:
  • Choose a fundamental change strategy
  • Lead a vision-driven change effort
  • Assess change readiness
  • Focus the effort and determine crucial themes that drive change
  • Select the change team and champions
  • Align organizational roles, systems & rewards
  • Lead the transition and the strategies for process, commitment and communication
  • Assess and modify the organizational culture, values, attitudes, beliefs and systems
  • Provide change leadership training
  • Develop change communication strategies
  • Ensure sustainability for change efforts.


Change Workshops

As well, to further support our clients in successful change efforts we offer the following workshops which can be customized for your needs:

Additional Qualifications

  • Facilitating & Managing Complex Systems Change (NTL)
  • Polarity Approach to Continuity & Transformation (PACT) Consultant
  • PROSCI/ADKAR training
  • Change Style Indicator Assessment (Discovery Learning/MHS)

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  • Michelle brings extensive consulting experience across sectors as well as superb facilitation skills to her role at Schulich’s Executive Education Centre, York University. She has taught in the Masters Certificate in Organization Development and Change program for OD professionals. Her average of 4.8/5.0 in end of-program evaluations speaks to her well-honed ability to engage a group and provide an unsurpassed learning experience. Michelle also regularly contributes to strategic thinking about the program, and is a team player who can work very collaboratively, bringing her own creative ideas as well as openness to those of others to the table. She is the consummate professional, who takes all of her responsibilities very seriously, and is a delight to work with.
    Marily Laiken, PhD, Program Director, SEEC/Schulich Centres of Excellence in OD and Change & Adult Training and Development
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