Strategy Development Solutions

Chambers & Associates works with organizations to ensure that they have the strategic mindset and capabilities required for sustainability and future organizational growth.

The Key to Strategic Planning & Development

Effective strategic planning builds on good strategic thinking that engages the whole system in strategic action. To meet today’s increasingly complex issues, organizations must be able to uncover and combine knowledge across all organizational levels and boundaries. Chambers and Associates help organizations or communities tap their collective wisdom to create a shared reality for strategic planning.

We help facilitate organizational alignment by engaging all stakeholders in the strategic planning process, designing a roadmap for strategic change and navigating the change process. We help organizations re-think their way of operating and strategize around how to implement and achieve meaningful change. We then facilitate the change management process to enable employees at all levels to adapt and thrive within the transformed organization.



We bring to our clients the following expertise

  • Understanding of strategic issues based on industry experience
  • Proven framework for the development of strategic plans
  • Action planning to implement strategy
  • Analysis of organization structure and design to support delivery of business strategy
  • Engaging and experiential facilitated planning sessions

The Benefits of Strategic Planning

Clients experience the ability to:

  • Document and discuss the environment in which they exist and operate and explore the factors and trends that affect the way they do business
  • Clarify and frame the issues or challenges facing them
  • Clarify organizational goals and articulate a vision for where the organization wants to be
  • Ensure they are meeting the stakeholders changing needs
  • Develop strategies to meet their future desired state, fulfill their mission and create public value by re-examining and re-working organizational mandates, mission, values, service level offerings, clients/patients, cost, financing, structure, processes or management.
  • Better decision making and collaboration across stakeholder groups
  • Enhanced organizational capabilities where leadership is improved and the capacity for further strategic thought, action and learning is enhanced
  • Improved communication and public relations
  • Michelle successfully guided us through an organizational renewal process ensuring that all were engaged and had a clear understanding of the purpose and benefits of each segment of our work. Using an “appreciative approach”, she also generated energy and enthusiasm within the participants as they discovered and developed new possibilities for our organization.
    Lorna Heidenheim, Executive Director, Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition


Our Strategic Planning Process


Strategic Planning Process, Chambers & Associates, Business Management in Toronto


Our Solutions

  • Organizational Learning strategies
  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategies
  • Transformation Strategies
  • Community Development Strategies
  • Business Unit strategies
  • Board strategies
  • Workshops on “Developing a Strategic Mindset” and “Successful Strategic Planning”


Additional Training & Qualifications

  • Open Space Technology – Harrison Owen
  • Facilitated Planning - Technology of Participation (TOPs) by ICA Associates
  • SOAR – Using AI (Appreciative Inquiry) in Strategic Planning

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Chambers & Associates works with organizations to ensure that they have the strategic mindset and capabilities required for sustainability and future organizational growth with Strategy Development and a host of Facilitation services.

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