Culture Development

Chambers & Associates works with the clients to assess current team and organizational culture and to shape it to align with strategy and goals.

The Need for High-Performing Cultures

A high performance culture is critical for building employee commitment and engagement, acting with speed and agility and driving and sustaining growth. It is characterized by:

  • A clear, compelling, communicated corporate purpose to shape business decisions, generate customer loyalty and inspire employee passion and maximum contribution
  • Shared organizational values that guide people as well as influence business practices and decisions as the organization delivers on its promises to all its stakeholders
  • An environment that identifies the levers and supports the leader’s role in shaping and changing culture.


Culture can be defined as, “the values, underlying beliefs and assumptions that guide action and are learned and shared by members of groups as they strive to fulfill their purpose.”(Edgar Schein). Simply put, culture is often referred to as “the way things get done around here”(Deal & Kennedy).


Our Solutions

  • Culture Audits to diagnose and measure your culture’s strength and weaknesses
  • Development of culture, including values to align with organizational strategy and goals
  • Facilitation with senior team to ensure they share a clear purpose, defined organizational values and ambitious strategy to shape your culture
  • Identify cultural synergies and high risk differences to help for smoother M & A transitions
  • Coaching of leaders to increase effectiveness as culture change agents or drivers

Our Approach

  • Understand culture strengths
  • Identify culture development needs
  • Gain insights into culture dynamics
  • Set culture priorities
  • Develop culture strategy
  • Take targeted action
  • Measure culture development over time


Strategic Partnership

Chambers & Associates partners with and uses culture surveys, tools and workshops from: 


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The Culture-Strategy Fit® Survey reveals the way the culture is operating by measuring 8 culture dimensions and 35 culture patterns.

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  • We work with our clients to understand and leverage their organizational culture - the values, underlying beliefs and assumptions – that are learned and shared by their employees to attain their organization’s priorities and purpose.
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