Creating Purpose-Driven Organizations

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Creating Purpose-Driven Organizations

A clear sense of purpose – a purpose that’s shared across the organization – has the greatest influence on the strategic performance required for thriving in today’s ever-changing business environment.

What is a Shared Purpose?

A shared purpose is not about economic exchanges.  It reflects something aspirational and shares how the people involved with an organization are making a difference, giving them a sense of meaning and drawing their support.  An organization’s shared sense of purpose represents its identity and therefore the services it provides and the persons and organization’s that benefit from these services. A shared sense of purpose is important because it ensures employees from across an organization are working towards common goals.  It addresses the “why” we exist and the potential we have.

Purpose also ensures that strategic activity doesn’t require constant management attention to give it direction. It can serve as a beacon of light that inspires, guides and gives your strategy forward momentum. Your purpose can serve as a mirror for reflecting on every strategic decision you make and future-focused activity that you undertake.

Examples of Organizational Purpose Statements

Kellogs            “Nourishing families so they can nourish and thrive”

Starbucks         “Inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time”.

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“Purpose defines who the organization serves and the value it creates for them”. 

Peter Hawkins, 2018, Purpose Led Leadership

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