Peer Coaching Can Make Work Less Lonely & Boost Performance

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√ Are your staff feeling isolated due to working from home and suffering from burnout and lower performance & retention?

√  Could your team benefit from some infusion and engagement?

√ Do you need some well-designed content to infuse your staff meetings?

√ Could your team benefit from new perspectives on issues and opportunities?

√ Would you like to improve collaboration in your workplace?

√ Do you have limited time and would like 90-minute microlearning modules?

Peer coaching is about cultivating a network of allies that can provide mutual support in creating positive change to improve performance.  In addition to its many benefits of learning, these relationships also address the roots of loneliness at work.  Employees gain new perspectives on their issues and opportunities.  Furthermore, accountability is increased to improve follow-through on creating change.  As well, when organizations invest in peer coaching systems, they signal a cultural shift that normalizes talking candidly about work-life with colleagues.  Employees gain feelings of connection, trust increases, and individuals develop insights into their own problems by helping others.  It provides for meaningful dialogue and interactions, without pressure to deliver or impress.

Coaching Ourselves is used by over 20 000 managers each year.  The building block of a Coaching Ourselves program is the 90-minute discussion module designed for small peer learning groups.  They provide content and questions to focus discussion on day-to-day experiences and actions to improve performance.  There are over 80 high impact modules available.  Topics range from foundations of management; leadership; teams; innovation, diversity & inclusion to driving change and fortifying culture.  Modules can be facilitated by a Coaching Ourselves partner or be self-directed by a manager within the organization.  Modules are designed for a variety of audiences and leadership development programs can even be customized by selecting key modules and offering them to your audience.

Contact us for more information about the Coaching Ourselves modules and learn a valued method to support your team.

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