Case Study: Transformational Change for an Energy Sector Client

Chambers & Associates provides Strategic Planning for a positive future and transformational change support for an Energy Sector Client.

The History

The energy sector is facing unprecedented change. The province of Ontario needs a stronger, more innovative distribution system that can meet the changing needs of the consumer. Currently, the system is fragmented, with many stakeholders involved. Furthermore, technological advances and substantial investments in infrastructure will impact the distribution system in new ways.

The vision for the future is to have a structure that enhances cost efficiency for the benefit of consumers and the economy in general. Each LDS will need to establish strategic directions to address these concerns and develop leadership capability to adapt quickly to their changing needs. Historically, strategic planning is driven top-down due to the nature of such a regulated industry and lack of competition.

The Request

Create a leadership assessment and program to engage leaders to successfully lead strategic planning and development alongside a significant transformational change in their organization and industry. Outcomes expected:

  • Develop a common knowledge of the nature, process and importance of strategic planning.
  • Achieve a shared understanding of the organization’s strategic framework, plan, and deliverables.
  • Engage with senior leaders to provide feedback on the priorities and flush them out for their divisions.
  • Appreciate the role of leadership to successfully implement the plan in terms of role modelling, leading, managing, communicating and supporting.
  • Acquire the necessary concepts, tools and skills to fulfill responsibilities as leaders.

The Approach

Design multiple programs to engage senior leaders with all people leaders across the organization prior to strategic planning development at the divisional level. Assessment of previous planning processes was completed and leadership competency gaps were identified. Consultation was provided with the Senior leadership team responsible for transformation and strategic planning. President and C-suite team shared the new vision through town halls and then participated in a 3-day offsite leadership and learning program for Directors.

Experiential and action learning opportunities were provided on various topics including the importance of strategic planning; leading transformational change; developing systems thinking skills; effective feedback; managing culture; developing a strategic mindset; the leader’s role and dealing with the emotional side of change including resistance. Senior leaders acted as coaches and mentors with the directors. Similar programs were cascaded down through each management group.

Follow up group coaching sessions were offered to address common themes around execution.


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The Results

  • Greater clarity and understanding of the organization’s strategic directions reported by leadership.
  • Understanding of the changing environment and adoption of a “customer-centric” approach.
  • Opportunities to network and converse with senior leaders in the organization and learn from their experiences.
  • Significantly increased the ability to communicate and implement the organization’s strategic priorities.
  • The ability of senior leaders to engage with leaders throughout the organization to better understand their challenges in executing and implementing strategy.
  • Systems assessment revealed the strengths of the leadership team to be in strategic thinking and execution and opportunities for relationship building and influencing.
  • Identification and implementation of new processes, training and systems to support the development of leaders and teams in the areas of relationship building and influencing.

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