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Culture Change Case Study

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Chambers & Associates helps bridge the culture and leadership gap between two merging organizations through Culture Change Management.

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Client Result: Transformational Change for an Energy Sector Client

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Chambers & Associates provides Strategic Planning for a positive future and transformational change support for an Energy Sector Client.

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Creating Purpose-Driven Organizations

Creating Purpose-Driven Organizations

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A shared purpose is not about economic exchanges.  It reflects something aspirational and shares how the people involved with an organization are making a difference, giving them a sense of meaning and drawing their support. 

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Strategic Planning & Facilitation Case Studies

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Chambers & Associates works with organizations to ensure that they have the strategic mindset and capabilities required for sustainable organizational growth with Strategy Development and a host of Facilitation services.

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Client Result: Enabling A Service Delivery Transformation For A Leadership Communications Team In The Public Sector

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Chambers & Associates provided Team Coaching support to enable achievement of business goals while improving team performance.

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A 'Systems Approach' to Organizational Effectiveness

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Organizations thrive or fail based on their ability to effectively use people, processes and technology to develop the performance and capabilities of their organization and deliver value.

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Results That Speak For Themselves

We've been fortunate to work with organizations committed to individual, team and organization effectiveness. Read Results »